1969 Sankyo Frontier was founded aiming for production and sales of construction related equipments. “Frontier” is derived from “Frontier Spirits” declared by former US president J. F. Kennedy.
1970 Started production and sales of “container bath” for workers at construction sites. In those days, handmade bathtub made from remaining materials was common. Therefore, our product was welcomed and madean explosive sales.
1971 Started production and sales of two-story parking system in technical cooperation with US company Space-O-Matic.
1973 Started production and sales of modular building unit “Cosmo CT” for temporary offices at construction site.
1977 Started rental service of unit house.
1980 Established Nagareyama factory
1986 Established Iwai factory (current Ibaraki factory)
1990 Established Niigata factory
1992 Opened our first showroom store
1993 Went public at Osaka Exchange(JASDAQ:9639)
1994 Sponsored and held the first Frontier New Year Concert in Kashiwa city, Chiba prefecture.
1995 Established affiliated company Guangzhou Panyu Sankyo Frontier Co., Ltd in China.
1996 Established Kurume factory
2001 Went into self storage business under the brand name “U-SPACE”
2002 Our product “Cosmo CT-H” won the Good Design Award
2003 Started production and sales of modular building unit “Quo.” Started semi-permanent modular building business.
2004 Opened our first climate controlled self storage facility in Kashiwa
2007 Started production and sales of modular building unit “CT-J”
2008 Start of our 10-year vision
2010 Started plant factory business
2011 Provided over 2000 temporary emergency accommodations for the victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake.
2012 Opened our 100 th showroom store. Opened our 100th U-SPACE facility.
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