From the day of establishment in 1969, Sankyo Frontier has been the pioneer of the modular building industry in Japan. Our vision is to become the No.1 mobile space manufacturer in the world in terms of both technology and profitability. To realize that vision, we are now focusing on strengthening our domestic network and developing manufacturing capability in China. Through these company-wide efforts, we are increasing our speed of expansion into the worldwide market. With our “resource-recycling” business backed by our innovative construction methods, we strive to contribute to the global society.

Every architectural structure aims to become Lofty, spacious and artistic. However, by thoroughly developing our technology to industrialize the entire construction process, our product has also gained “mobility.” Our modular building units can be assembled or disassembled at any location, in a short amount of time. For this reason, we call it “Mobile Space.” Furthermore, our services cover a wide variety of needs, especially for people who require space for a limited period of time. We aim to make a positive impact for the environment by expanding our entire new “resource-recycling” business model, which is produced for our “Mobile Space.”

Through our research and development efforts, we are taking on the challenge of industrializing the entire construction chain. Started with the reuse of the main structure of the modular unit, we are now focusing on developing reusable modular electrical facilities and modular infrastructure equipment. Our goal is to mobilize the entire local community, and to do this, we must include every function we need for living. We believe that as a result of taking on this challenge, the process of construction can be made much more simple and fast, which might make it possible to construct a community at any place, such as in the desert or in the polar regions, or maybe even on the moon, one day. The capabilities of our “Mobile Space” give use the feeling of a vast frontier lying ahead.

We share the attitude that an organization stands to accomplish a huge dream, or a mission, which could not be reached by a single person. In our company organization, everyone works in a team in order to capitalize on their strengths while covering their weaknesses. Based on such common understanding, we will keep taking on challenges towards our vision. In this process, there will be a multitude of trials and obstacles, but we will keep moving forward to overcome difficulties through our constant endeavor. After many days of struggling, one day, we might obtain a chance to make innovation throughout the world. In this way, we aim to enrich people's mind and lives, and thereby contribute to society. We forge ahead to the goal as a pioneering company, proud to crown “Frontier” in our company name.

President: Takatsugu Nagatsuma

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