Construction Site

Our Modular Space is ideal for construction site offices and other temporary buildings that need to be erected and dismantled promptly.


UsageOffice at a construction site
CustomerA major construction company
ProjectMarunouchi SF Plan
Site LocationMarunouchi, Tokyo, Japan
Customer needsThe installation site, in front of Tokyo Station, was very limited in area. Also, construction work was going on around the clock, and the client wanted the site office erected at night to avoid hampering daytime work. We were asked to install the office quickly and safely in the limited time available.
PlanWe put together a team of experts who leveraged their outstanding skills and rich experience to complete what was a very challenging night job on time and without incident. We saved space by fitting the building with Zigzag stairs, creating a very compact structure.
Product usedCT-72J 2x11 block of units, 3stories
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