Temporary Emergency Housing

Speedy installation provides safe and secure space promptly in emergency situations.


UsageNiigata Chuetsu Earthquake emergency housing
CustomerNiigata Prefecture
ProjectNiigata Chuetsu Earthquake emergency housing construction
Site LocationNiigata Prefecture, Japan
Customer needsCompletion within the designated time of temporary housing for 362 households was requested under the Disaster Relief Law (provision of temporary housing) to provide earthquake victims with a safe living environment.
PlanWe leveraged our nationwide network, and particularly our Niigata factory with its proximity to the disaster zone, to meet the requested number of temporary houses by promptly supplying 903 units. This project made maximum use of the advantages offered by our modular buildings in terms of speedy and simple construction. We gathered experienced assemblers, interior finishers and fitters from throughout the country to complete construction and provide the earthquake victims with a safe and comfortable environment within the designated time.
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