Why Modular?

Sankyo Frontier aims to realize perfect “industrialization of construction” by our modular building unit “Mobile Space.”

Core Technologies

  • We provide spaces with high performance and high quality at a reasonable price
  • Our modular can be easily remodeled, relocated and removed as your needs change
  • Mobile Space makes architectural space to be reused and recycled

Modular buildings are industrial products

Compared with conventional construction methods in which the skills of the builders dictate the quality of the building created, modular buildings are machine-made in factories, ensuring consistently high quality products.

Construction time comparison

(modular building and conventional building in Japan)

Recycle-oriented business solution

Our modular buildings are designed for mobility. Since they can be easily dismantled and used time and time again, almost no waste is generated when they are taken down.

Reduce We design, develop and manufacture our modular buildings with reuse in mind, limiting waste generation by using only reusable materials, and designing components for easy dismantling.
Reuse We take back modular buildings that are no longer needed to refurbish them for repeated use.
Recycle We also endeavor to design our products so that any waste that is generated can be sorted for recycling as a resource.
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