Why Choose Us?

Our core product is a stackable modular building unit made from steel rigid-frame structure. We will provide the space solution by a combination of our units. Here, we will introduce some aspects of our “Mobile Space.”

Speedy delivery

Because almost all assembly processes are carried out in our factories, our modular buildings require little on-site construction time. Our units are carried in folded form to the site, and installed in a very short space of time using a crane. And because our units are largely assembled at our factories, weather conditions have almost no effect on construction time.

In-house development and production

We manufacture our products in factories by taking advantage of our outstanding machine processing technology to ensure consistently high quality. Our quality accuracy has won high praise from many major clients.

Folding modular buildings

A key feature of our modular buildings is their folding structure, which enhances transport efficiency and reduces transport costs. This feature also enables us to export products made in Japan more easily. The folding structure reduces storage space needs and enables speedy and safe installation.

Sturdy structure

Because our modular buildings are steel, box-shaped structures, horizontal forces are distributed and conveyed to the ground through all of the pillars and beams, providing outstanding quake and wind resistance. The steel girders are also rust-proofed through hot dip zinc galvanizing.

Wide variety of options

Wall panels can be combined freely, ensuring easy floor plan adjustment even after assembly. We also offer a choice of plumbing modules, floors, staircases and other options.

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